Video credits

Video focus groups require a higher level of technology and infrastructure than common text-based modules. That’s why we charge additional fees for video streaming in the form of prepaid credits. 


How many credits do I need for my video session?

The amount of credits depends on the number of participants and the length of the video focus group session. The unit price for a video credit is 0.01 EUR/credit (initial promo price for beta).

These prices represent additional fees for video streaming. To get the total costs of your project, add these credits to the main project fee (Free 0 EUR, Basic 75 EUR, Standard 145 EUR, Advanced 295 EUR – see the main Pricing page).


Here are several examples of the typical focus group setups with one moderator and one client:


Number of respondents:  Session length
Credits and price
4 respondents 30 minutes 10 EUR (1035 credits)
8 respondents 30 minutes 28 EUR (2835 credits)
4 respondents 60 minutes 21 EUR (2070 credits)
8 respondents 60 minutes 57 EUR (5670 credits)
4 respondents 90 minutes 31 EUR (3105 credits)
8 respondents 90 minutes 85 EUR (8505 credits)


How to purchase the video credits?

Step 1. Find out the number of credits using the calculator above on the page. If you have more group sessions, don’t forget to multiply the credits by the number of sessions.

Step 2. Fill in the form below and we will send you the #PO order and payment instructions. You can pay with the credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer.

You can use the credits on any project in your account – if you don’t use all credits on your current project, you can use them later, in your next focus group. 

Video credit order form

Need to learn more details?

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