• ⭐ Video meetings added – public beta tests
  • ⚙️️ A few mobile responsivity tweaks
  • 🐛 Comments not included in export if the blog module was changed to a text page – solved



  • ⚙️️ List of respondents – added icons to copy respondents’ URLs
  • ⚙️️ Several prerequisites for the upcoming video-based focus group module
  • ⚙️️ Page setup: polls added to conditions in the auto-activation mode
  • ⚙️️ Email invitations: more adjustments for antispam filters
  • 🐛 Comment block in discussion boards – the green Replay button is not displayed if the comments are disabled in the page settings.
  • 🐛 Solved (rare) random logouts
  • 💄 Several UX improvements & help
  • ⭐ Ukrainian translation (for respondents)



  • ⚙️️ Security improvements
  • ⚙️️ Export improvements (.docx)
  • ⚙️️ Whiteboard events added to the export
  • ⚙️️ Chat: popup images – a link icon is displayed in the text chat



  • ⚙️️ New icons in the Visual editor – add YouTube video or upload your video file to the discussion board.
  • ⚙️️ All external links in blog posts and discussions are opened in a new window – the system automatically appends the parameter “target=_blank” for this purpose.
  • 🐛 Surveys:  the validation script was fixed  – multiple checkbox questions on one page displayed empty field errors in some wrong cases

2019 Changelog



  • ⚙️️ Chat: the “Just typing…” function added for Android users too
  • ⚙️️ Export: you can aggregate the export by respondents too
  • 🐛 Project setup: fixed calendar icon and language



  • ⭐ Chat: the “Just typing…” notification added
  • ⚙️️ Chat: you can add “Clear whiteboard” instruction to the moderator’s guide now
  • ⚙️️ Emailing module: you can change email fonts and add images
  • ⚙️️ Responsive design: menu bar optimizations
  • ⚙️️ Responsive design: Discussions below blog posts – images uploaded by respondents are better displayed on smartphones
  • ⚙️️ Responsive design: layout optimization, double scrollbars removed, hidden buttons fixed on smartphones
  • ⚙️️ Administration: pop-ups are opened to a new separate windows
  • Translations: Dutch language added



  • Translations: added new languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Russian. 



  • An auto-save function added to blog modules. It is performed every minute to prevent data loss if a respondent leaves the browser for a while and the session times out. 
  • Moderators can see the post drafts and auto-saves (respondents sometimes forget to publish their posts).



  • Redesign – new look & feel and UX of both respondents’ and moderator’s panels.
  • Better responsibility for different desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Page logic – Respondents come to the page with the Active: Entrance status but continue with the current page after refresh to make the page workflow more comprehensible.
  • Chat (Moderator) – Running time added to the Silent mode button to remind moderators that the silent mode is on.
  • Project Overview – added the status switch (new/active/closed) and time+date info.
  • Added stars to each post and comment so the moderator can mark important or interesting content.
  • Export – new filters added.
  • Whiteboard (Moderator) – pictures/videos are submitted using the Send button, not automatically to prevent unwanted onChange actions.
  • Chat (Moderator): Moderator’s guide can be downloaded as a word file. This helps moderators quickly change it and upload to another project.
  • Chat (Moderator): All project respondents are displayed in the middle column, not only those who logged in. Inactive participants are grey.
  • Many other minor changes and improvements



  • Chat: drawing on images – if you check the drawing option in the Media & Files section, respondents will be able to draw on the images displayed at the whiteboard. They can use the red or green pencil or delete the drawings and start again.
  • Several minor bug fixes.


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