Online Video Focus Groups – Beta

The video-based focus group is a new module in Collabito and it’s still running in the beta mode. It means we are still improving it and adding new functions to fine-tune the app.

There are two main limitations in beta:

  • You can invite more people, but the session recording will include max. 9 participants (moderator + 8 respondents). 
  • The maximum length of a recording is 120 min.

It means you can invite more participants, but the overflowing respondents won’t be recorded. You would need to use a local screen recorder (Flashback recorder, Camstudio, Quicktime etc.), instead our cloud recording to record the whole session. We also often use an external recorder on the moderator’s computer, because it records not only the discussion, but the whole situation on the moderator’s panel (whiteboard, text messages etc.).



The price for video focus group project consists of two parts:

  • Project fee – this is the plan also used for text-based projects (Free, Basic, Standard, Advanced)
  • Video credits – additional fees for video in the form of prepaid credits. The price depends on number of respondents and the session length. 

If you are not sure about your price, don’t hesitate to contact us with your project RFQ.

Video focus group software