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Can you add our language?

Yes, we can quickly add a new LTR (Left-to-right) language, it usually takes only a few days. The support for RTL languages will be added later. Drop us a line with your language request.

Do you offer video-based focus groups?

Yes, the video module is already available (beta). If you want to access it from your account, please contact us.

Do you offer recruitment services?

We focus mainly on development, we do not provide recruitment or moderation services at the moment. Of course, we can recommend reliable partners for each country.

Are you able to set up the projects for us?

Yes, sure. We can prepare the whole setting so you can focus only on moderation. We can add respondents, pictures and media files, import your moderator’s guide, email invitations etc.

Where can I find recent system changes?

The changelog is the page with all important updates. You can also find its link in the top right corner. 

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