Questionnaires help enrich your qualitative study with more data. You may need to know more details about your participants or to ask them several questions to gather additional feedback to the qualitative part of your focus group.

Question types

Closed-ended questions:

  • Single-choice questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

Open-ended questions:

  • Short answer (one line)
  • Long answer (multi-line )
  • Numbers

More question types will be added in the future.


Focus group questionnaire

Questionnaire features


Answers can be defined as mandatory or optional.


Page layout

One or several questions per page. You can make the responses of other participants visible.



Several different questionnaires in a project are possible.



Each questionnaire can be activated or deactivated at a specific date and time.



Activate a questionnaire after the respondent has completed another page(s).

Mobile friendly

Respondents can use various devices – mobile phones, laptops, tablets.


Results of questionnaires can be downloaded in excel format XLSX. Answers are in columns, each respondent on a separate row.

More output options will be added soon (real-time charts, CSV, etc.)

User Roles


The moderator checks the discussion regularly and communicates with respondents. You can even assign more moderators to a project. 



Collabito provides an easy way for adding and managing all respondents in a project. There is also an email module for sending bulk invitations and reminders.


You can invite your clients or colleagues to observe the project. They can see discussions, but cannot communicate with respondents.

Open-ended vs. close-ended questions


Closed-ended questions:

  • A limited set of possible answers
  • Used mainly for screeners and profile details
  • Great for focus group feedback, follow-ups
  • Easy to process and analyze 
  • You get only what you expect, nothing more
  • For small samples, results aren’t reliable

Open-ended questions:

  • Allow unstructured free-form answers – you can get more content than closed-ended questions.
  • Applicable even for small samples
  • Higher level of detail
  • Respondents need more time to complete the questions
  • More time to process and analyze responses

Frequently asked questions


Can I present images or videos in the questionnaire?
Yes, you can add upload an image or embed a video to the introduction text at the beginning of the questionnaire. 

Is there a way to export into a CSV file?
We are going to add the CSV export functionality in a future release of Collabito. Currently, you can export results into a .xlsx file, open it in Excel and save it as a CSV file.

Can respondents see the summary results of the questionnaire?
We are planning to add the charts with results soon.