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Online Focus Groups and Discussion Boards

Assemble your qualitative project from various parts. You can conduct only one focus group or build a complex project with many discussion boards, chat rooms or polls.

Online Focus Groups

Chat-based rooms for synchronous communication. Whiteboard module for presenting video or pictures, moderator’s guide, hidden answers and many other features.

Discussion Boards

Let participants write their posts and discuss with other respondents in asynchronous mode. Upload of pictures or video clips is possible.

Other tools

Simple polls, text pages, comments, likes and dislikes and other tools make the project more engaging and give respondents more way to express their opinions.

Qualitative research tools & research platform

Building your qualitative online research project has never been so easy. The setup takes you only a few minutes.

Fast learning curve: onboarding video tutorials & live support.

Virtual focus group app

Invite your respondents to discuss in a text-based chat room.

The chat module provides several useful tools and functions:

  • Media presentation – show videos, pictures or YouTube streams on the whiteboard. Respondents can draw on the images.
  • Moderator’s guide – prepare your questions in advance. To activate the question, just click and it appears in the chat box.
  • Whiteboard – a big space on the respondents screen is dedicated to media presentation.
  • Silent mode – you can switch the view of respondents so they can only see their own communication with moderator.
  • Whispering – message are sent directly to another user.
  • User info – see respondents information easily by moving mouse over its name.
  • Export – real-time transcripts including whiteboard activities.

Online Research Blogs, Diaries and Bulletin Boards

Let your respondents create their own blogs. Other participants can read the articles and comment them immediately after publishing. You can create many topics within one project so the moderator can give for instance new task each day. Main features of research blogs:

  • Moderator submit tasks for participants. System support unlimited number of tasks/research themes within one project.
  • Respondents write blogs according to the given tasks. Their blogs are visible to other respondents in the project. Other respondents can submit comments and discuss the topics.

Collabito supports an easy application of multimedia – pictures, videos, sounds.

Other content - static pages, polls

Create a static welcome page, an end page with reward information, or any other other static content to help respondent get the information.

You can also add a discussion block below the texts or include the history of events so people know what they missed during their absence.

Another page type is the poll where you can display a simple questionnaire to respondents.


Online Focus Group TextPage Introduction

Advantages and disadvantages of online focus groups

Online focus group - checklist

Online focus group platforms

Collabito offers an easy and cost-efficient solution not only for market researchers. It is a brainstorming tool used by marketing or tech companies as well. Let’s discuss if it can help your needs. If not, we will recommend a suitable alternative from current qualitative research tools.



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